This month you can get a New Patient Exam for only $37!

Step 1. Share this video on Facebook with your friends.

Step 2. Call 505-507-WELL(9355) to set an appointment

Step 3. Have a Spinal Health Assessment (details below)

Here are the details:

Never been to our office before?

You must call or stop by our office to set an appointment. You will be scheduled for a Spinal Health Assessment (SHA) which will include x-rays if indicated. This is normally $250 but this month it is only $37 (if you share our video on Facebook) . After your exam, you will be scheduled for a return visit at no charge to discuss the findings of the SHA. You will receive a printed report that will outline things that you can do for yourself at home, for free as well as options regarding chiropractic care if it is indicted. Your first adjustment will happen on this visit after the doctor has thoroughly assessed your condition and able to recommend the best scenario for you and what outcomes you should expect.


You may qualify for a FREE NEW PATIENT EXAM, $250 value.

A $250 exam, including x-rays if indicated, 

for FREE? Why would we do that for you?


First of all, why would your exam cost $250? We take your health very seriously and therefore are very thorough. With our advanced technology we are able to see how well your nerves are conducting to every part of your body. We aren’t just feeling your spine and popping you. We feel your spine and then use the advanced data from the rest of the exam to help you know exactly what we can do to help you. It will include x-rays if they are indicated. Most importantly, we will share with you what you can do to have your problem not return if possible.

One more thing, if after visiting with you we don’t feel like you have a problem that we can help you with, we will do our best to get you to the best health practitioner for your situation. We have an extensive network of health care professionals to ensure you get the best and most complete care that you deserve.


Which of these 2 options will work better for you:

Call our office during business hours to set an appointment:

505-507-WELL (9355)


This week you can take advantage of our discounted price of $47 exam instead of the normal $250 price

1 person each month is chosen to receive a 100% free and complimentary exam.

If you are not chosen you will still receive our discounted price of $47.

Adjustment Hours


7:15-10 AM and 3-5:30 PM

3-6:30 PM

9-10 AM and 3-5:30 PM

7:15-10 AM and 3-5:30 PM

-Closed Friday through Sunday-

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