Should I get the flu shot?

What is the Flu? The Flu is a respiratory infection that produces chills, fever, a sore throat, muscle aches and lasts about a week.


Each year millions of people rush to get their annual flu shot hoping to stay… Continue reading

Vaccines: Are They Safe and Effective?

The topic of vaccines and if they are safe and effective comes up quite frequently in my office. For some, this can be a very sensitive subject. Some parents claim that their child was indeed harmed by vaccines. Other parents… Continue reading

It’s Not About the Score


Do you remember what your most recent SHA (spinal health assessment) score is?


What do you want your SHA score to be?


A score of 90 or above means that your spinal health is good. It means… Continue reading

Should We Trust the Drugs We Take?

Some governmental organizations are pressuring the FDA to approve drugs faster, but researchers at Yale found that nearly a third of all drugs approved between 2001 through 2010 had major safety issues after they were made widely available to patients.… Continue reading

Do Painkillers Work for Back Pain?

Painkillers such as aspirin, Aleve and Advil don’t help most people with back pain, a new review finds. The researchers estimated that only one in six people gained a benefit from taking these nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Meanwhile, previous research… Continue reading

Do You Have Movement Deficiency Syndrome?


If you don’t exercise regularly you will have movement deficiency syndrome. But what is so wrong with that?


“Because it is well established that aerobic exercise conditioning can alter autonomic balance (increasing parasympathetic tone and decreasing sympathetic activity),… Continue reading

Will Exercise Make You Smarter?


“A study led by researchers at Columbia University provides the first evidence in humans that a structured exercise training program increases neurogenesis (the birth and development of new nerve cells) in a memory hub of the brain.


The… Continue reading

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