New Person Orientation

Our goal is to help every person truly get the most out of their experience in our office.  So once a month on a Tuesday evening we hold a new person orientation workshop.  The workshop is designed to give people that are interested in our approach to Healing and those who have recently begun care in our office.  We provide many resources in a very concise manner so that you are able to get some “gems” that will help you get better and stay better.

If you have not already had an exam in our office, this can be a very good first step.  In fact, after you come to your first workshop you qualify for a totally free new patron exam.

Click here to see the date of our next New Person Orientation.  They are always on a Tuesday at 5:45 PM at our office.

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Adjustment Hours


7:15-10 AM and 3-5:30 PM

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9-10 AM and 3-5:30 PM

7:15-10 AM and 3-5:30 PM

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